Rain gauge ПДФ Печат Е-мейл
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Дъждомер, 47.10001 / Цена:12лв

plastic, with support and patented memory-revolving ring
for measuring the quantity of precipitation, without rod
205 x 85 mm , 170 g



Дъждомер,47.1008  / Цена:17лв

functional design,
large diameter for highly precise measurement results,
very good readability also for small rainfall quantities,
removable lid (against evaporation),
holder for placing directly in the ground or for mounting to a post
Ø 121 mm, 310 mm, 391 g, EK-EL




Джобен ветромер /Kod:42.6000.06 /Цена: 110лв-В НАЛИЧНОСТ

for the measurement of wind speed (in Beaufort and knots, mph, m/s or km/h),

maximum and average wind speed,indication of temperature (°C or °F) and Windchill temperature, measuring range: wind speed 0.2 to 30 m/s,

temperature -30...+60°C (-22...+140°F),water resistant, blue

equipment: yellow neoprene bag, neck belt and lithium longlife battery CR 2032 3V button cell incl.

98 x 39 x 17 mm, 110 g, EK-EL


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