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Инфрачервен термометър/ Цена: 89лв

31.1114/"flash III" infrared thermometer

for contact-free measuring of surface temperature,
ideall for DIY,
very robust housing,
with laser sighting,easy to use,
measuring time: 1 second,
display of current, highest and lowest temperature during the measurement
hold and lock function,
measuring range -33...+250°C (-27...+482°F),reversible °C/°F,
accuracy ±2% or ±2°C, settable emission ratio,
relation measuring distance/spot size 6:1,
2 x CR 2032 ibutton cell batteries included
21,5 x 60 x 104 mm, 110 g



Инфрачервен термометър/ Цена: 62лв

31.1108/"Mini-flash" infrared-thermometer

For contact-free measuring of surface temperature,
small, easy to use,
response time 0.5 sec., display of current, highest or lowest temperature during the measurement,
hold and lock function,
measuring range: -33...+220 °C (-27...+428°F), reversible °C/°F,
accuracy 0...50°C ±1.5°C, otherwise ±2°C or 2%,
battery CR 2032 button cell included
68 x 37 x 18 mm, 75 g


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